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Hi! I am Hendrik, the developer of MetaScroll!

I am very happy that you're using MetaScroll. If you have any questions, suggestions or if you found an error, I would be very happy to hear from it!

You can reach me via Twitter, Facebook or eMail.

If you would like to support MetaScroll, please share this site with your friends and recommend the project that way.

Have fun!
- Hendrik from Karlsruhe, Germany
MetaScroll can be used completly using only your keyboard. Here you can find a list of possible comands:

? — Show this window
Esc — Focus input field
/ j — Select next suggestion/search result
/ k — Select previous suggestion/search result
/ h — Select link/search result to the left
/ l — Select link/search result to the right
Tab — Complete search suggestion/Select first search result
Enter — Search selected suggestion/Open search result in default window
Shift-Enter — Open selected search result in new window
Alt-/Command-Enter — Open selected search result in new window in background (not possible in all browsers)
Ctrl-Enter — Open/close preview of selected search result
Shift-Ctrl-Enter — Open search result with MetaScroll Toolbar
p — Open comfortable preview of the search result

If you prefer using the mouse, you can of course do so as well!
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About MetaScroll
MetaScroll wants to become your new favorite meta search engine! The goals of the project are...Hopefully you'll like MetaScroll! If you have a problem our you think it's missing something, drop me a mail (you can find the address on the legal site, or follow me on Twitter).